Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dori's 2nd Birthday

Here is a my Daughter Dori's 2nd Birthday. 
Here theme was Hello Kitty like any other little girl would choose to have if she could. 
When she asked to have a Hello Kitty Party I was like, can you choose another theme.  Of course the answer was no!!!

Dori's Cake Table Banner

Dori's Centerpieces

Dori's Choice of Cake even at two they know what they want.  No questions asked.

Fondant Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers

Cake Banner

Hello Kitty Hello So cute it is!

Welcome to Dori's 2nd Birthday Party

Thank you for Coming to Dori's 2nd Birthday!!!

Fun Yard Play came in very handy.  Bubbles for days.

Mini Tube Favors

The start of Miura's Party Things Cotton Candy Walls.  Big Hit for ALL!!!

Hello Kitty Containers

Fun Fun in the SUN!

Mama Betty doing Blessing of the FOOD.

Most the the invited guest ready to sing Happy Birthday to Dori

Happy Birthday our little Dori Jean Takako.  We all love you.
I tired hard to make her event different and yes it was.  She sure enjoyed it.

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