Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here is my daughters 4th Birthday Party in 2010 Kinda Late yeah!

She wanted this Zebra Party!
They were all excited to have an event at home.  And yet being spoiled for the day made it all more exciting.

 Here in the jumping castle with her baby sister.  All to their selves!!!
 Here is Cale's selected party treat table and activities for the children to do.
 Here is Cale's 4th Birthday Set-up before her guest arrive.
 Here is a close up of her table setting. Cale told me how she wanted them placed too.

 Here is a custom fondant cake that Cale requested to have made just for her.  From top to bottom.  She choose to have a two tier double fondant cake with Zebra Theme Pink and White and Black. Funfetti is one double tier and red velvet is the top tier just the way she requested it.  She loved it and was so excited to have it:}
Another Picture of her Cake

Cale with a few of her Preschool friends

Here is a picture of Cale and some of her invited friends and family Celebrating her 4th Birthday!!!
Thank you all for coming and making it a memorable one.

Than you aunty for making the cotton candy for my guest.
It was just a little something small with a few family members and friends.

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